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Fun Fact



Referring to black women as “hoes” has it’s origins in the 19th century American practice of referring to slaves by the body parts or tools used for work. This practice is also why you’ll hear farm workers referred to as “hands”


Damn, and here I was thinking it was the southern pronunciation of “whore”

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Dark Horse - “Gothic R&B / James Bond”- style Katy Perry Cover ft. Ashley Stroud


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He creeps into my poetry
uninvited yet unavoidable;
the ghost of his touch
guides my pen
and the tempting lips
of his phantom
help shape my words;

I find it selfish,
the way I’m used
to tell his story

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Stop trying to gift me
the parts of you she neglects.

I get it; negligence hurts
and my form of solace
is endlessly enticing

But we both know
no part of you
can ever truly be mine…

The second
you became hers
you stopped being yours
to give away

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If you flush the toilet wit ya hands in public restrooms your parents didn’t raise you right


I honestly don’t understand why they don’t just design public toilets with foot pedals, since that’s what everyone does anyway.

I’m tired of having to be an acrobat in the restroom

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Modern dating is the devil. I don’t know how y’all do it. It’s just a lot of games and sex in between. Ain’t no place in the dating world for an old school mofo like me.

I like dinners and exploration. I like getting to know each other for a reason, not for a time period.

Half the people you meet nowadays don’t know anything besides sex and games.

Sex and Games.

Sex and Games.

Ain’t widdit.

^^ the sole reason I’m lonely

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The bigger the better, right?

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Shoutout to wittywino for being follower number 555. She got an automatic follow just for that haha.

Ayyyyye! And shoutout to tina-rose for also being team tina ^_^

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fan: omg naomi you look so young
naomi: being black does that to a b*tch

wow; naomi’s been looking this good for longer than I’ve been alive

fan: omg naomi you look so young

naomi: being black does that to a b*tch

wow; naomi’s been looking this good for longer than I’ve been alive

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Drawing things at work.

very nice


Drawing things at work.

very nice

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everybody want it to be summer ya niggas forgot about mosquitos


pollen too. I’m not ready

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cocobunni7 said: *air hugs back* 👋


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Hello, old and new followers!

*air hugs everyone at once* 

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shout out to all the black kids that are about to become the first person in their families to graduate from college this spring.


while you’re freaking out about finals, graduation, employment & life in general, don’t forget take a few minutes to let the pride sink in and bask in your glory. 

our people were enslaved and a few generations later, you’re about to graduate from college! you’re amazing. 

*cabbage patches* 

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I’ve never understood the point of g occasionally sounding like j. Like, why is “gentle” just not spelled jentle? Why force everyone to rationalize that the letter g, which makes the ‘guh’ sound, is used to spell a large chunk of the words that use the ‘juh’ sound?

And it’s not like it’s because the j versions are taken, either. Last time I checked, jenital, jeneric, and jerbil still aren’t words